Erin Brimmer
Art | Design | Marketing

Client Raves

Love begets love.


“Erin brings to her work a highly collaborative and creative energy. Erin is also incredibly positive in her tone and demonstrates time and time again that she loves to learn and has the ability to learn quickly. While Erin approaches her work in a very positive way, she is not afraid to challenge convention, or push back when there is a more effective way to approach or solve a problem. This is a great combination for any team and manager.”
- John R., Former Manager

“Erin is an amazing marketing consultant. I hired her as an editorial manager of our website, and she performed the job beautifully and was integral to our site being named in Forbes 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs. Erin is passionate, creative, and always seems to understand exactly what is needed, and never EVER missed a deadline. Erin not only served as an editorial manager for me, but as a trusted advisor, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”
- Jennifer P., Former Client

"In the three years I worked with Erin, I came to know her as a detail hawk who has the amazing ability to know and understand her business while at the same time keep everyone moving towards the bigger strategic business goals. She is the consummate optimist who can make change happen."
- Risa C., Former Colleague

"Erin has very strong people skills, she has a natural way about her that makes it easy to engage and work with her on business problems. She is organized, methodical in execution, but retains the edge with her creativity and adds value with her thinking outside of the box. I thoroughly recommend Erin as someone to work with."
- Doug M., Former Colleague

“Erin is a detail-oriented marketing professional with an incredible sense of integrity and business acumen. She has been nothing short of an amazing team player with a ”can do” attitude, and super competent contributor to my business. Erin is incredibly dedicated to driving results, while working independently to anticipate future deliverables. I would highly recommend Erin as an asset to any organization and team as she is just a phenomenal professional.”
Shamiana S., Former Client

"Erin's quick wits, strong project management skills, creativity and sense of humor shine in the most demanding of circumstances. Every time there is a large, complex and mission critical deliverable, Erin gets it done - gracefully and comprehensively!"
- Mutlu K., Former Client

"Erin! I don't even know where to begin. She's a lifesaver and an all around amazing person. I worked with Erin while I was at Microsoft. She was hired on our team as a consultant and really went over and above expectation on all levels. She was the glue that helped keep our team together. I will surely miss working with her and I hope I get the honor to call her a co-worker again some day."
- Brian P., Former Client

"Erin is a wonderful person to have on a team. Along with Erin’s positive outlook, what impresses me most about Erin is her ability to develop strong relationships with both internal and external customers. I believe this is based on the instant trust and sincerity that people feel when first meeting Erin. She works well with people across multiple departments and all levels within organizations. Erin has a strong work ethic and is always dependable. She works well independently with little direction. Her creativity enables her to deliver exceptional work."
- Paul H., Former Manager